Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You...

Here are the next pages in my Christmas journal:

You can see the back side of the page from yesterday (day 18) with a cosy photo of the Christmas food set out on the table. It's a transparency page so you see through to the calendar page below etc.

For the 19th I journaled about my early Christmas present. My very much loved iPod Touch which I use several times a day. We'd planned to buy them (me and Ross bought one each, for each other as such) at the airport on the way to celebrating Christmas in Sweden. But then we decided that maybe that was too big of a gamble (only a few days before Christmas and it could be sold out) so we ordered them from Amazon instead. It's definitely my favourite "gadget" by far and I'm totally in love with all the "apps" (if you have one you know what I'm talking about). I constantly have to remove some as I fill the 9 "pages/screens" allowed LOL!

Before I end for today I'd like to thank "Froggy" for giving me the blog award above. Thank you very much :)

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