Saturday, January 17, 2009

Planning, Planning...

At the moment I'm really planning this "inspiration board" idea. Not planning as in "real life" yet, but just toying with ideas in my head. If you have seen any ideas or pictures of great inspiration boards around I'd be very happy if you'd post the link(s) to share please :)

Also, after reading Stacy Julian's book (I can't believe she left a comment for me on that post LOL!), I'm even more planning to somehow organising my photos. Some are in a box at the moment and the rest in envelopes. I just can't quite get my head around if I want to stick with the chronological order of sorting (I don't scrap chronological, neither are my albums sorted that way, but I do find it helps me a lot when I look for a photo because I have a quite good memory of when something was/happened). Or if I should sort it more after "event" (which really speaks to me at the moment). Have you sorted yours? In which way? :)


Sara said...

Hi Anso, I've always wanted to do an inspiration board but have never got round to it. I'm not sure where I'd actually put it. Might have to start re-thinking it and get one going.

Anyway here are a couple of links you might like to look at one is a blog I found I think through Ali Edwards:

This one is the result of a search on Flikr

Hope they help.
Sara x

Gypsy Chaos said...

Which of Stacy's books?
I've organized most of my photos.

** I used the cardboard photo boxes.
** I put them in rough chronological order - first I sorted by year then season with holiday often last.
** Once I had a year fully sorted, I used something to separate by holiday or whatever - sometimes.
** I used the tabbed divider as an index and wrote as much detail as I could for each set of photos.
** I assigned letters (a,b,c) to the boxes, wrote the letter on the index.
** I photocopied the indices and stashed them in a binder.
** Now I flip through the indices to find photos.

(I suppose I could use the OCR software to turn my writing into a word/text file and then I could search, but I haven't gone that far.)

I love love love being able to tag digital photos!