Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not Sure What To Call This Post...

Tricky to come up with titles for post sometimes. Especially when there's nothing major you're writing about but just little bits here and there...

I finished my class and got that sent off yesterday so that feels good to have that done :)

I also managed to sew a little more on the rug yesterday evening, so nearly another candy cane done. Yay - there's still hope to get it done in time.

This morning I'm trying to catch up on the Cathy Zielske BPS class. We get new assignments tomorrow so I want to be up to date if I can. I have just finished a single 8.5x11 layout with some pretty October Afternoon snowy papers. I still have a double layout to go...but this requires quite a bit of photos, nearly all in different sizes so I have kinda put it off hunting for those. I need a total of 7 photos from the same event or at least that go together and that I want to scrap on the same double spread. I guess I better deal with that after I have finished typing this...

And talking about the class by Cathy, here's another layout that I have done for it. I really struggled with this one. Like really. I hated it. It just didn't work...nothing "stood out" and everything just blended together into a mess. As I was just about to give up, my eyes fell on this "place photo here" little text stamp by October Afternoon and suddenly I had an idea. I stamped this all around the photo arrangement to create a border and did my journaling block with the title. Suddenly it was like everything worked and had got the definition it needed. So it just proves it no matter how much you dislike a layout leave it for a bit and come back to it. You CAN rescue a layout that seems hopeless :)


Lynette said...

I think your layout came out very nicely:)

Marja said...

OK as you're just about caught up on the Cathy Z class, I think you need to send me your album so I can be caught up for just one day, lol!!!

I will get caught up one day. Maybe next year.

Sonia said...

Found your blog in another site.
Absolutely beautiful layout!!!
My other passion, PHOTOGRAPHY.
Great job!