Monday, November 17, 2008

For sale: super cute Sassafras chipboard

For sale: These are all brand new Sassafras chipboard packs. I have a few of each so just ask away if you want them and I will let you know when I have run out. (Please read the WHOLE post if you're interested, so you see all the details - thank you ) They seem to sell for about £3.99 in the UK, so I thought I'd ask £2.50 per pack...

Fawnd To You: *** SOLD OUT ***

Happy Place: *** ONE LEFT ***

Hog Heaven: *** THREE LEFT ***

Woodland Whimsy: *** ONE LEFT ***

£2.50 per pack. Buyer pays for postage.

UK 1st class P&P:
1-2 packs of chipboard £1.00
3-4 packs of chipboard £1.50
(anything else, please let me know and I'll get back to you)

Payment by PayPal only please.

I will normally post the same day or next day, depending on when I receive payment etc.

If you want to buy one/some pack(s), please leave your e-mail addess in the comments section and I will get back to you asap. First come first served and all that :)

Thanks for looking :)


Katy said...

I'd love a pack of each please.



Gems said...

Could I please have a Happy Place?

Gems xx

daydreamer said...

Fawned for you & Happy place.
1 of each please.
Rach :)

Guinevere said...

Please can I have
1 Faund fir you
1 Woodland Whimsy

Also - please may I use your Exploding Box instructions again for our craft club at school? We are running a crafty session on the last day of term. I have a picture on my blog of what I hope to do with them.I have used your instructions before with your permission - and would like to do so again. Thanks Jennie

Sarah said...

I'd love a pack of each too :)

Look forward to hearing from you...

Jean said...

I would like a pack of each please.

Thank You,


Jean said...

Me e-mail address,to add to my previous request,

Jean said...

I would like to purchase 1 of each of the Sassafras chipboard that are left.
Thanks, Jean