Monday, November 10, 2008

For Sale: Bind-It-All...

*** NOW SOLD - SORRY ***

Okay, I have never sold anything on my blog before so this is a first. If you're interested, please read all the post to the end so you see all the information - thanks :)

For sale: Bind-It-All machine with accessories. (From pet and smoke free home) This is what's included:

The machine :) This has been used and very loved by me. I take extreme care with everything I own and this literally looks like new :)

...I mean I have even kept the original clip that goes on the front etc :)

...and the machine will come in the original box (told you I look after my things LOL!), protected by polystyrene etc :) has the original CD and instruction booklet with it.

...and the handy size guide for measuring your wires and for setting the machine to the correct wire sizes.

I will also include something which you do not normally get with the machine but you have to buy separately. The handy spacer bar. This is used when you use your smaller wires so that you get the pages cut correctly. I'm adding this in as a bonus.

Please note that, just like when you buy a new BIA machine, it does not come with any wires.

Now to the important information:

Payment is by PayPal ONLY please.

Cost: £30 + P&P

If you want to buy it, please leave me your e-mail address in the "comments section" and I will contact you asap. If more than one person is interested, I will of course go with the first person who's posted. So don't delay if you want it.

Depending on the time of receiving payment, I will either post the same day or next day :)

Thanks for reading & please let me know if you need any more info :)


Paula's ponderings said...

I would be interested please

Paula's ponderings said...

forgot my email

Max said...

Oh poop ... too late.
If Paula should change her mind then my addy is

Must admit to being curious as to why you're selling?

Paula's ponderings said...


I havent heard anything from you yet about the BIA. IS it still up for sale?

Anso said...

Hi Paula,

Yes BIA is still available and I have been trying to contact you. Seems like you missed the "L" out of "googlemail" in your first post. I just copied the address and didn't spot the mistake - sorry! You should have an e-mail from me now :)