Monday, October 20, 2008

A Nice Surprise...

We had a great weekend. The weather wasn't the best (but not bad either) but we had so much fun anyway. My parents came over from Sweden to visit for the weekend and it was so nice to see them!! :)) It was a little sad to see them leaving yesterday evening but hey, I'll see them soon again. *chin up*

They also brought me a surprise present:

A 320GB external hard drive. And so cute too!! :) Dad must have listened (remembered) when I was talking to him a few weeks back about feeling a little panicky that I only have one back-up for my digital photos. So thoughtful!! Now I have two external hard drives and I feel so much happier and my photos feel that much safer. Well that is, I still need to format & partition the drive tonight and then copy everything across...

Due to having family over for the weekend and preparing for that, I'm now a little behind on the Cathy Zielske course. So I'm hoping to sit down over the next few days and work through some layouts...we'll see.

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