Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another Card Using Lilypad Goodies...

Following on from yesterday's post, I have been busy using more of the new Lilypad BYOC goodies.

[Supplies: Buggy Alpha - SMJ Designs, 1031 Wicked Way - Amy Wolff , Fall Frames And Borders - Jenna Desai, CU - Inked Edges - Jenna Desai, Painted And Tattered - Kaye Winiecki
All That Twitters - Kaye Winiecki, Tara Dunstan (all from the Lilypad)

I'm really enjoying the "Design Your Life" class by Cathy so far. It's looking really great. And very interesting! We got loads of information on Thursday, including the first few assignments. One double and one single layout. I'm just sitting planning a little about what photos to use and how I can adapt my layout (with the stash I have) compared to what Cathy has done in the handout. Fun :)

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kathj said...

love this, great stash!