Friday, September 05, 2008

Still Not Great...

My migraine was so bad last night that I had to give up and go to bed. Felt OK-ish (considering!!) when I woke up this morning but it's quickly come back and my head feels soooo heavy, achy and I won't even mention the nausea. Yuck! I think I need to have a very slow day with no monitor and lots of rest with shut eyes today. Bleugh! I was hoping it would be gone today (though I kinda knew yesterday from how bad it was that it would last a few days).

Anyway, enough of complaining. I have been working on the new Shimelle class ("Learn Something Different Every Day") It's a class that is being run every September and I have done it the previous two years. Shimelle kindly lets anyone who's taken it before, do it again for free - so I thought why not? I have done my first three pages so far but no photos yet I'm afraid. The weather here today is terrible: extreme fog (I can't see far out of the window, only a few metres) rain, rain and more rain (they are warning for flooding) and soooo dark. So no light to take photos in yet :(

[Supplies: Blank notebook + "Prehistoric" and "Gidget" by Dani Mogstad (SSD)]

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ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I'm taking this class too! this is my first year with it. I have all my journaling but have yet to sit and do a page. I'm hoping to knock out a couple this afternoon.

i love the notebook you have done