Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making Halloween cards...

If you love/celebrate Halloween & want to make your own cards and not do it last minute - now is the time! Yes time files. Scary! Don't even mention making Christmas cards (don't get me wrong, I looove Christmas and making Christmas cards....I just have too much to do to start them yet LOL! *stress*)

So anyway, if you're into Halloween cards, Kate has the greatest doodles for you to use at the Lilypad which were released yesterday. There are two cool "fancy dress" type kits and then this which has to be my favourite:

I got the chance to play with it a bit before it was released and came up with this hybrid card:

[Supplies: "The Witching Hour" Kate Hadfield (the Lilypad)]

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originalblondi said...

Hi Anso!

Ive just got to say I LOVE your work! I stumbled across your blog yesterday and ive been reading back thru it today at work between calls (im in call centre). I made a Maze book last night, following your directions - it was so easy! Safe to say ill be making a habit of keeping up with your blog hehe.

Thanks for bringing back my mojo lol I hadnt made anything for a couple of months until last night :)