Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Behind...

...or rather a lot behind. I know I probably shouldn't have decided to do the "Learn Something New" class from Shimelle again this year. I have far too much on at the moment. But then you can't resist, can you? And especially when it was free since I have taken it before. So I signed up, got my supplies together and a little notebook to scribble the day's discovery. And then I got behind, very behind. I'm keeping up with my notebook and taking photos, so I have the base for what I need to do. But a page a day? Well, there hasn't really been the time for it. So once or twice a week I make myself catch up on a few pages...only to fall behind again LOL!

Anyway, I am getting there, I think. As long as I keep up with my notebook and my photos, I can work whenever it suits me. Again, I'm keeping my pages very simple on purpose. Otherwise I'd have to give up - and I don't like doing that :)

Here are my next two pages. And yes, I know that they are no masterpieces LOL!


Dina said...

Hi! I drew your name for the Sweet Treats class pass...yay! Just email me and I'll get you set up.

Marja said...

You are so productive and get so much creative stuff done each day! I did one project for a month and can honestly say, never again. No way can I keep up with a page a day, no matter how simple and easy the page. I spend so many days catching up, knocking out 3 pages just to keep up and it just wasn't fun at all so I'm impressed you manage so many Shimelle classes!