Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hybrid Card & Some Questions...

I've been working on some hybrid cards yesterday afternoon and this morning. This one is another Halloween card using stuff by Kate Hadfield and Amy Wolff at the Lilypad:

[Supplies: "Mega Mix Up" Amy Wolff, "Thrift Store Remnants - Argyles" Amy Wolff, "Halloween Wordy Bits" Kate Hadfield & Tiff Brady, "The Witching Hour" Kate Hadfield (all from the Lilypad)]

Oh and I have been getting some questions that you have left in the "comments" section, so time to reply:

Lynette: the canvas that I used for my cupcake project is 20x20 cm (8x8 inches). I know the class required a rectangular format canvas, but I could only find the square ones in a decent size so I just adapted my project.

Elizabeth: you asked about the Maya Road cupcake stamps. I'm sorry but I have just checked and the shop that I bought them at have sold out (and once they sell out, they don't often re-stock items). However I have just looked at the back of my stamp tin and the code for the item is: SMP017. So hopefully that information might make them easier to find. Hope so! Good luck :)


Lynette said...

Thank you Anso I ended up doing mine on A3 size.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for looking. That is a help, Anso.