Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Storage...Part 1...

Thanks to those of you who posted about your fave (and not so fave!) scrapping books yesterday. I *really* enjoyed reading it :) I'd love to hear more opinions if you have the time please.

I keep being troubled by the space in my craft room. I have a VERY small craft room. If I stretch out my arms I can touch the opposite walls at the same time. And that works it BOTH ways...so it's not even like it's a narrow and long room...it's just a VERY small, square room. With me being a ...I guess you could say, pretty organised and tidy person in general...it's very hard when you have such a small space (because we all know what space stash takes!)...I'm constantly running out of room and have piles in places I don't want to have them...

The last few days I have thought about organising a lot. In an ideal world I'd like a huge scraproom with lots of shelves, a looong desk and some great storage. But I don't have that. So it's about making use of what you have and use small storage solutions that work with the space you have.

One thing that's bothered me a lot lately is my stamps and Thickers storage (or rather lack of!). Especially my stamps...as you can see...

It doesn't really work, does it? My very ugly cardboard box of stamps was overflowing! Result: I "couldn't be bothered" to dig for the stamps that I sometimes wanted to use. And it's no good to have great stamps and not use them. Also when I did pull out my (ugly!) stampbox, it would normally send my packets of Thickers starting to fall off the shelf as they were tucked in next to the box. (And yes I do know I have a bit of a thing for Thickers!)

I of course found lots of pretty & prefect storage both for my stamps and Thickers...but none would fit in my room and the small shelf space that I had for them. So I had to be realistic. A trip to IKEA yesterday and it now looks like this:

Not my ideal storage, not the prettiest storage. But I'm really happy as I achieved the basics: it looks pretty neat, it's organised and most of all I can easily pull a box out and find what I need without causing an avalanche! Yay :)

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