Wednesday, July 09, 2008


For today's prompt by Shimelle we're going travelling...

Okay let me explain the picture above before you think I have gone completely insane LOL! We're getting lots of little prompts and exercises for this class. Today we got this sheet with empty frames to fill in. The top left one is a Google Maps image of where you live. Even though we have lived here for a few years now, Google Maps/Google Earth still insists on showing our street as a building site (!!) so that's why I put a big question mark in red there :)

The sailing boat symbolises the method of travel that I'd most like to use right now. Though maybe more for lying on the boat relaxing, rather than using it as a method of transport LOL! Head over to the right of the picture above and we were supposed to pick a dream destination for the weekend and Google it to see how much it would cost to go there and back this weekend. Ooops - rather pricey - I think I will just continue to dream :)

Finally we were asked to pick a map of our country, world etc and mark where we have been. I picked a map of Europe and used pink dots to mark the countries I have been to (though I realised I forgot to add two pink dots after I made the pic).

And you know what - our blog prompt for today was to talk about packing in relation to our "travel prompt". To ask our blog readers what their packing list would look like (this would be so interesting to read, please post in the comments above - what do you pack for a trip?) and share our own packing list. Mine's pretty boring I guess. I have travelled quite a lot and learnt to follow the rule "if in doubt - DON'T pack it" LOL! So my packing list would look like this:

* tickets/passport/money
* clothes
* toiletries/make-up
* books
* iPod
* camera
* Nintendo DS

...and that's about it. Now please share with me - what would your packing list look like? :)


kathj said...

Love the photo and all the entertainment you bring with you lol

Avital said...

I love your implementation of today's prompt. My printer is on strike :(

My travel essentials are:
* Clothes
* Toiletries-hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, cleansing gel and moisturizer - THAT'S IT
* Camera + charger
* Current book

I try to travel as light as possible

Marie said...

There's lot of pink dots on that map! I think there'd be about 5 on mine!!

I won't post my list here, because I've already blogged it (should you care to know! LOL)


SABEE said...

I love your LO, it is really cool... also not going to post my list here cause I am going to blog it too...

Anonymous said...

Love what you've done with page 2 Anso. But you get off lightly with your dream holiday, mine would be (whispers) over £3000!!!.

Krystal Hartley said...

Wow! You have traveled a lot! I've got the boring packing list, too. I'm definitely not a heavy packer, but I always have to bring extra socks because my feet get so cold!

Sianba said...

Love your layout, and practical short packing list! :-)
/You'll find my list posted in my blogg)

valerie said...

love the pic with the path leading to the island packed at the bottom of my bag would be Colin Firth just don't tell my husband!!!!!!


Scrapdolly said...

Love the travel ideas
You are a much more disciplined packer than I am though Anso
My list has kitchen sink on it LOL