Friday, July 18, 2008

Thinking About Taking It Further...

If you're a regular reader of my blog you will probably know that I'd never done digital scrapping before May this year. Then I took a beginner and an intermediate on-line class by Jessica Sprague. And I totally loved it. I have learnt so much, practised lots as I went along and just generally enjoyed it so much :)

And now she's running an advanced class that starts very soon. I'm sooo tempted to sign up.

I know it's been less than three months which feels rather unbelievable to me. And I have gone from making this layout...

(which was the very first class layout for the beginner's course and all the background work etc was already pre-done...we just added out photo and a few embellishments) totally being able to make my own layouts. It's been the best experience :)

So I think I just just sign up for the "advanced" class too... ;)

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Sharon said...

YES Anso, you need to do it! Each class teaches you so much more and you get to practice lots of techniques you've already learnt as it's so easy to forget things if you don't keep doing it in Photoshop! I'm going to enrol in the Digi In Deeper one which is the next one on the advanced so can't wait to learn some of the things in the course guide! I've got my own digital blog which I set up to help out my friends who were keen on starting digi. I pop loads of links to places I love to shop at, blogs that are fabulous to check out, etc plus I've got a gallery with all my layouts to share. I hope it helps a few people out if you want to know where to go to in the digi world.