Saturday, July 12, 2008

Speed... I kinda got behind on the blog prompts from Shimelle on Thursday. So here I am on Saturday looking at yesterday's blog prompt. But that's okay. And especially okay since there's no class lessons on a weekend.

Blog prompt: Time - does it go too fast or too slow? How do you deal with time? etc etc

So I'm thinking...time in general definitely go too fast. Like: where has this year gone??? If I'm not careful I might blink and it's Christmas LOL! On the other hand I'm also very stuck on time. I tend to do things by time rather than by feelings (going to bed because it's THAT time, start cooking because it's THAT time get the picture). It's something that I'm trying to work on (listening more to what my body/head tells me) but of course it's not easy. Habit are habits. And habits are hard to break.

I'm leaving you for today with a layout I did with some of the new goodies that were released at the Lilypad yesterday...

[Supplies: "Scrap Pad Fill The Space" by Amy Martin, "Circle Of Friends" by Kate Hadfield & Lili, "Fill'er Up! With Flowers" by Natalie Braxton]


kathj said...

A beautiful lo! can wait to see your freedom lo's

Sharon said...

Wow Anso...just love your layout! I love these clear alphas with the flowers in them.