Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kits, Kits And More Kits...

First - thanks to all of you who left comments on where I could find the AC albums yesterday, you're the best :) I should now have a blue 8,5x11 portrait album on the way to me.

And while we're talking stash (and you're all sooo good at finding supplies) - has anyone seen anywhere with BOTH the 2 inch and the 3 inch Woodware Scalloped Circle punches in stock please? I have just spent a very frustrating 30 minutes with my friend Google. I get excited as I find one in stock...only to see the same site is sold out of the other size. Nowhere seem to have both in stock. Very frustrating!! So if anyone has seen them around I'll be soo happy if you would post in the comment section. Thank you :)

Now kits...I signed up for the "My Freedom" class by Shimelle which starts on Monday. So I have my album (well, not here, but at least sorted) and I was determind to use my exisiting stash...that is until Shimelle announced that she was going to have some kits for sale to go with the class too. One look at the previews and I couldn't resist LOL! I was instantly drawn to the middle one. Green...hrm...I wonder why :) Are you taking the class too? Did you buy a kit? Which one did you go for? I'd love to hear :)

And talking about kits, I just received another kit from Shimelle in the post which has made me really eager to start to scrap with it. But this is what I want (need!) those scallop punches for. So it's a bit like ----> aaaah at the moment LOL!

[Supplies: "Me Ro-Bot" by Robin Carlton at Sweet Shoppe Designs (SSD)]


grungedandy said...

LoL hi it's me your personnel shopper i was at blade rubber stamps last week and they had just got an massive back order in they had been a problem getting them in that was all the woodware punches not just the scallope ones so you might want to give them a try
that should take you to punches

although sometimes it's better to give them a ring them they are always friendly

i swear i don't shop all the time just been this last 2 weeks LoL
got both those sizes & they are great! seeya hugya *G*

Denise said...

I've signed up for the class and have gone for the 'ladylike' option - purley cos I like the colours! Glad you found your AC albums. :-)

Marja said...

I think I got both of mine on ebay a while ago. Might be worth having a look there to see if a seller has both in stock? I was also going to say Papermaze but saw the 2" one is out of stock so didn't even look for the other one.