Monday, June 02, 2008

New Camera Fun...

Found a mega bargain "deal of the day" on a new camera on Friday. Ordered it after seven in the evening and had it at 10 on Saturday morning. Yay! I love new gadgets :) Since it was such a nice day on Saturday (which is more than what you can say for yesterday or today!) we took it straight out. We went to this park called Dunham Massey near Altrincham, which proved to be a really nice place for some walking. And photo taking of course :) We came back home having tested the camera 158 times LOL!


Jules said...

Wow, superb photos!

Jules x

Jeannette said...

Fab photo's. Dunham Massey's quite close to where I live. I've also just got a new camera but only because my other one was stolen when we were in Rome last week.