Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keep Practising...

It feels rather unreal for me to think that about 2 months ago I'd never digi scrapped. It feels like I have been doing it longer than that. I think with taking the courses...well, it's made it a bit more "intense" and I have practised more than I probably would have done otherwise. You know, made more of an "effort" to practise...rather than just letting it take it's own time.

[Supplies: 'Dear Diary' by Robin Carlton, Melissa Bennett & MandaBean, 'Skippy Doo Da' by Lauren Grier & Julie Billingsley, 'A Springy Kind Of Fling' by Lauren Grier & Julie Billingsley,
'Foamy Stampy Alpha' by Traci Reed, Template by Aggie Aviso ...all from SSD

I find both with paper and digital scrapping it's easy to find a "style" that is very "you" and you tend to stick to it (with a few variations of course). So one thing which I've discovered while digital scrapping is templates. It's a nice thing to use every now and then. I think it helps you try new ideas, new placements and just fuels your creativity :)

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