Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cadbury World

Wow it's been some buys days. Ross had two days off and we had some fun things planned. On Tuesday we went to Cadbury World (I SO want to write "Cadbury'S World" as that seems to make more sense and that's what I thought it was called...but it seems like it's "Cadbury World"...which sounds a little strange to me LOL!) We'd never been before and it was a quite fun experience. Lots of reading on signs (think: museum) and loads of videos to watch. Maybe too many videos really.

It was really fun to watch the factory bit, to see how all the bars got packaged and boxed up. Unfortunately the cameras were forbidden in this bit so I have no photos of this. I did get one at the end though where we could see some handmade chocolates being made.
You got given a few chocolate bars as you went along the "tour" (yum!) and it was all a nice experience. Though maybe after smelling chocolate for about 3 hours it was starting to feel a tiny bit (only a tiny bit!) sickly. On the outside they had this place called "Essence"...some more video material and then you each got given a cup full of melted chocolate and your choice of treat. I'll tell you...melted chocolate is nice but when you got to the bottom of the cup you felt like your mouth was glued together with melted chocolate and it was almost hard to swallow. LOL!
You also got a free pass to the "staff shop" where the public normally can't get access. Most people seemed to spend lots money in the Cadbury shop at the end of the tour. I don't think they could find the staff shop. It was NOT easy. We decided to see if we could find the staff factory shop anyway. We had a poor (very poor!) map of how to find it at the back of the pass and it was not easy. We walked and walked. Wondering if we should turn back. No signs at all. Were we even heading the right way? I guess they wanted as few people as possible to bother going to the factory shop! It was miles away and really hard to find. But what a goldmine when you did! Huge (and I mean HUGE!) bags for 50p. Chocolate bars starting at 10p. Bags of 20 (or was it 25?) big Cadbury Creme Eggs for a pound etc etc. People were buying several carrier bags full each!! We decided to not go mad and only spent £6...


Charlotte said...

That looks SUCH a good day!! I love that little creme egg car, how cool?!

Marja Lindstrom said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! I'd have been thrown out of there for licking all the chocolate making equipment or something!