Sunday, May 18, 2008


I've been practising a bit more with my digital scrapping. The move to start using Photoshop Elements for photo editing etc at the beginning of the year was really hard at first. Now I think it's the best choice. I'm getting quite familiar with the program and I think the digital scrapping course is helping me a lot with it too (I'm totally new to digital scrapping).

I have been practising a bit more on what we have learnt so far and came up with this layout (this is nothing to do with the course - just my own attempt, practice and failures LOL!)

Supplies used: Amy Tweets "Whitie Tighties", Jenna Desai "Borders And Frames" (Lilypad) Jacque Larsen & Rachel Young "Good Day Sunshine" (Lilypad), Natalie Braxton & Emily Merritt "Celebrate The Everyday" (Lilypad)

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