Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's here!!...

I have been waiting for this since...let's must be well over a year ago that we first got to hear and see pics of it. That's a loooong time! It was due for release by KI Memories in November 2007 and then got put pack to May 2008. And I have finally got it in my hands - yay! :)

Got a bit of a headache that won't go so I'm off to take some tablets, curl up on the bed and have a flick through this :)

Oh just before I go: Avital, you asked about what I do for albums when I scrap in true A4. American crafts D-Ring 8.5x11/11x8.5 actually fit A4 page protectors quite okay. If you want something cheaper, I would just buy some big binders from a stationary store. I figure as long as my page protectors are acid free, the album won't matter too much. In any case, the album will easily outlive me and by the time (if indeed) the album starts to affect the pages I doubt there's anyone left interested in me and my scrapping LOL! Hope that was of some help :)

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Avital said...

Thank you very much for your answer. I hope you are feeling better now !!