Friday, April 25, 2008

Scrap Your Day...

Did you see this post yesterday? So are you ready? Are you going to take part in this cool project by Shimelle? *excited* Erin you were asking about this: Go here to download a suggestion for how to make/prepare your book and go to the bottom of this post to download a photo fact sheet. Hope that helps :)

Shimelle prepared a few kits for the class (though you can do it with whatever supplies you have and since the class is FREE - what have you got to lose? LOL!) and I got up early on the morning they went on sale and managed to get mine. Prepared my book (according to the prompt she e-mailed us who bought it) as soon as the kit arrived so it's been ready to go for a while now.

Really excited about it this morning and as of 09:56 I had already taken 57 photos LOL! I have left the cover for now and will decorate it at a later time. My inside pages have been prepared like Shimelle suggested. Here are some photos of a few of them:

Oh and I almost forgot, Marja and Jackie - you both asked about my little clothes peg bag and where you could get the fabric: Ebay! :)

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Latharia said...

Oh, those pages are just gorgeous! :) And 57 pictures THAT early in the day? WOW! I think I took 20 all day!