Wednesday, April 02, 2008

*Love* Elsie...

I'm having a good day today :) I'm still working on my minibook from yesterday. It's taking far, far longer than I thought. I'm sure it's got something to do with the fact that I thought it would be fun to make it into a house shape, rather than a normal square/rectangular shape. Big mistake! At least when it comes to the time it takes to make the pages and covers. It's soooo much quicker to make a standard shaped one. *must remember for the future*

So what's good? Something that really made me smile was that my new "Love Elsie" stash from the US turned up. I really didn't expect it quite so soon - so that was a nice surprise. First the "Josie" collection:

...and then the "Emma" collection. Think I definitely like the Emma on best. Though Josie has some yummy colours too!

...back to doing more work on my minibook.


Taly said...

Where did you get these gorgeous kits?

I live outside of the US as well (Ireland) - Do you have some tips for ordering scrap-supply? Can you write a post about it (maybe) ?!? ..

I hope I'm not too rude ... I really like your blog.

Sarah x said...

Ohhh love all that new stuff - scrummy. Get using it girl! Hopefully tomorrow's prompt will give you a good excuse. I am just finishing up the latest minibook! Can't wait to see what you produce L)

Anonymous said...

I think the new elsie stuff looks fab. Which US site do you order from and how do you find their postage rates and service, please? Joey

jennifer said...

Hi Anso,

I got the new stuff also and can't wait to use it. Glad you're able to order it--guess I'm spoiled just popping into the store at any time here in the states!

The new mini book looks great, btw!