Thursday, March 13, 2008


Sorry there was no blog post yesterday - we had a bit of an emergency to deal with. Woke up at 02:08 in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday by a huge bang. You know when you wake up and your heart throbs so badly you feel it in your whole body? That type of bang/scare!! After investigating we discovered our kitchen window was broken and there was glass all over the place in the kitchen and livingroom. Of course with it being downstairs, we had to sit there all night "guarding". We talked to the police and they sent someone around in the morning.

No-one can work out what happened. Nothing makes sense. All we know is that out doble-glazed kitchen window was completely smashed with such a force that it had knocked glass all through the bottom floor of the house. It's now made secure and boarded up and we're waiting for people to get back to us regarding having a new window fitted. At least we were reassured that the window is actually safter now with the big board and tamperproof bolts that it would be with glass! LOL!

But it was very scary, especially sitting up all night guarding...having no idea if someone was hanging around outside. And it will take some time until we can sleep completely relaxed again I think...


lutingobelin said...

I know what you mean... It happened to me but it was duraing the day. Someone entered into my house by the garden door. I hope that you will get cool soon, and that this event will not disturb your nights.
Sending you a lot of thinks from france

Jan Scholl said...

could the house have been so sealed up that the window inploded from pressure?

read this