Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Easter Stuff...

We're not religious at all - but I do *love* all the cute things about Easter...the eggs, chicks, bunnies etc :) Just makes me smile.

So of course we have to have some of those LOL!

I also wanted to show you this thing that I have made called Påskris. It's a Swedish Easter tradition.

You take some branches (normally Birch) which you put in a vase. Then you decorate it with special Easter feathers (they have a piece of metal thread near the bottom which you wind around the branches). You can also hang up little eggs etc. When you're in school you might make some Easter project with felt...chicks or bunnies etc to hang in your Påskris too. Hope this doesn't sound too mad! Anyway, for me it brings a bit of happiness and colour into the house so it's a nice thing to do for Easter I think :)

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