Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meet My New Gadget...

I had some birthday money left from my parents (yes from back in November LOL!) I didn't want to buy little bits (you know...a book here, a CD there etc). Instead I wanted to buy a "proper thing" I saved my birthday money until I could think of something fun to get. And yesterday afternoon was the day. Please meet my new gadget:

I have got a graphics tablet and I'm loving it! Honestly, I have no plans for what I will do with it at the moment (crazy?) but I just love sitting scribbling and drawing things for the fun of it. Yesterday evening we challenged ourselves by telling the other person to draw something. I'm sure you can imagine how much fun it turned out to be? We were laughing so much tears were running down our faces! Great fun!!

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pjsarefuzzy said...

I have one of those too!! I love it! Unfortunately, I can't install the programs that came with it because you need a DVD reader and the one in my computer broke :[ But I'm getting a laptop for college soon which is really what I got the tablet for so that's all that really matters :] Glad you love it! I like that yours is white!! It's cool! Mine is black.