Friday, February 29, 2008

Work In Progress...

I love visiting people's blogs for inspiration! The most obvious thing is of course to see lots of yummy layouts and projects. But I also really, really love to see photos of people's scrap room/area/space or photos of people's work in progress. I can look at them for aaages...

As I was sitting here scrapping a few minutes ago, I realised I never stop and take any photos in the middle of what I'm doing. Only of finished layouts. So I figured I might not be the only one enjoying seeing people's workspace (am I?) and got the camera out.

This is my "work in progress" today. I really have NO plan or strategy when I scrap. Honestly!! None at all!! I mean that. Seriously! I start with my background. The pick a photo. I glue some patterned paper in place. No idea what will go next. Then I pick something else and put that in place. Still no idea how the finished thing will look. I just add one thing at a time as I come up with it. Crazy? Maybe! LOL! But it works for me - that's how I'm most happy when I scrap. Not knowing what the next step will be or what I will use. So I don't know how this layout will look when it's finished any more than you do. LOL! We'll see... :)


lutingobelin said...

Hello, I have to say that I scrap just like you. Putting one thing after another, but my results are not so beautiful, I already have something(s) that I feel bad on my pages.
If you want to see scraprooms, but not in the middle of a creations : more to share storage ideas, take a look at :
Have a great day.

Jen said...

thats how i work too lol!love your work in prgress, looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)
Jen x

Jenni said...

I wish I could scrap like that. I have to have a plan or else I just sit there overwhelmed.

Michal said...

How great to see the work in progress. It seems like a well organized process, although you don't plan it ahead. It seems to me it's a matter of experience, to match colors and patterns and to know what works best with what.
It's so nice to see the table in progress, not just the end result, but that doesn't mean you are excused from picturing the finished page ;-)
I love your style and the way you work. It is somehow 'clean' and not cluttered, bulky or overwhelming. The picture remains the main thing in the finished page. I hope I'm explaining myself clear enough. Keep up the good work :-)