Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Gifts...

Wow today has been a busy day and I have only had the time to sit down and do my blog now. Phew! LOL! Been busy doing baby stuff. A very (yes VERY!!!) simple & quick card using some cute Autumn Leaves giraffe stamps which I watercoloured:

And some baby books. I made three identical ones and totally intended to take a photo of all three of them together. But do you think I remembered this before or after I wrapped two of them?! LOL! So only one is on show. Really cute gift to do. I just have the photos printed in black & white. Then I put them back to back with a chipboard sheet in between (to make the pages nice and thick), print a transparency with the baby info and bind it all with my Bind-It-All machine. Oh and I cover the last page on the back with a nice sheet of Bazzill and a stamp with info about it being handmade by me. :) One book is for me to keep and two of them are already heading abroad as I type this. :)

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hand puppets said...

awesome!!! Its really great!!!
carry your good work. All the best:)