Monday, January 14, 2008

A Year In Review (part 1)

Ooooh it's been a busy day today!! I've been working all day (and before that too!) on my January class for Mel & Jill at A Trip Down Memory Lane. I have just finished off writing the supply list and all the instructions. It will go live on the 21st. In the meantime you can see my December class here if you like. :)

And there's still progress being made on my Christmas journal. The prompt for the 30th of Dec was "A Year In Review". I quickly decided that I wanted to make a collage of small photos representing the past year. Because my album is only so big, one page would not be enough. So in the end I decided to not to the official prompt for the 29th, but instead do "A Year In Review" for both the 29th and 30th. Here's my first page.

It folds in half at the middle point, where I have used some Love Elsie fabric paper to keep the two pieces together.

I've heard that some lucky people have started to get their Scrap-Room kits in the UK now. So I'm really hoping mine will turn up soon. It will be double-luck for me as I'm also getting my December kit (which was held for me due to being in Sweden over Christmas & New Year).

*fingers crossed they turn up soon* :)

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