Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Making Progress...

Learnt lots more of Photoshop Elements yesterday which was great. Today has just disappeared into nothing though. Well that's not exactly true as I spent all morning making a cute little canvas!! LOL! It's DT work but I can show it on Friday, so please come back then if you want to see it :)

However I DID pick Elements when I wanted to do some editing today - yay - first time! I only struggled with one thing. I'm sure it's really stupidly obvious to those who know LOL! I had two images opened. And I wanted to copy one and paste it onto the other. But no matter what I did, the "copy" command was greyed out (ie you couldn't use it)...not sure what was wrong. Maybe I was clicked onto the wrong tool or something? If you have any idea (it must be something really simple and obvious) please, please leave me a comment - thanks!!

And another DT layout done for Make The Moment Last just before Christmas. Again lots of Fancy Pants stuff - looooove Fancy Pants! Got my latest DT kit from MTML in the post this afternoon so I have new things to play with... :)


Toni-Ann said...

Anso, you have to 'select' something first (either by lasoo or magic wand or similar/or by 'select all') and when you have a flashing dotted line around your selection, then you can copy and paste into a new page.
If you have a number of layers, remember you have to be in the right layer otherwise nothing will be selected.
Sometimes it is easier to flatten image so you only have one layer to select in, but it is not undoable once saved.

pjsarefuzzy said...

you can also just click one of the pictures and drag the layer over to the other open file and it will appear on the other picture