Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have just discovered a new magazine which I love ----> "Cards"!!! :))) It's super, fantastic, yummy...and without all the millions of adverts that magazines like Creating Keepsakes, Paper Crafts etc are filled with. What a nice change! And not only that, but it's filled with yummy cards that just makes you want to start scraplifting there and then. :)

Though it does come at a price (a high price!) so I'm just considering whether I can justify the cost of subscribing or not...LOL! We'll see...

Off to work some more on my Christmas journal and then hopefully get started on some guest DT work I'm doing...


Sue Bone said...

If this is by the same company as Scrapbook Trends. Once they are three months old, the price on Ebay from OhMyCrafts drops sonsiderably and they can get three in a global priority envelope.


Margaret said...

Anso I love that magazine too.

If you subscribe using this link
there is a special offer.

I went for the 12 issues of Card magazine plus 6 issues of Scrapbook trends. There is also a code "SAVE" just enter this at checkout for another $5 off (but think this expires either tomorrow or Saturday.

I just got my bank statement through today and the total cost was £54 - works out at £3 per magazine/book which I thik is fab value considering how much inspiration is in them.

Not that I am an enabler or anything....LOL LOL


Anonymous said...

Love this magazine, buy it is pricey....and totally worth it :) Love your blog, thanks for sharing it with everyone :)


Sue Bone said...

Margaret is there a similar offer for scrapbook trends?