Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Mmm...there are two scrapping book which I have been waiting for to be released for a good half year now...or actually quite a bit longer than that. Yesterday I was so happy because I could finally order one of them from the US:

"The Doodle Formula" by Adrienne Looman. Have been waiting for this ever since she started mentioning it on her blog. Okay so I had to get it from the US and it might take a week, or more likely, a little longer for it to turn up. But I don't mind. Finally it's mine!! :)

The second book I keep waiting for is the new one by Elsie Flannigan. Or I should say "box" really, as it's been labelled as a "recipe idea box". No idea when this will be released though as it must have got severely delayed. It was due for release in November according to KI Memories. So who knows when we'll see this. Sooooon I hope :)


Katy said...

Oh I fancy that book to Anso ... where did you manage to get it from?


kikitsak said...

both of them sound interesting! where did you get the one published? could you informe me for the second one too (when it will be published too) ?
thank you!!!

deb said...

I fancy that doodling book as well and can't find it on Amazon.com - could you tell us where we can get hold of a copy as it looks fab

Talita said...

Hi Anso! I live in Brazil and I found your website on Orkut. Your art is very beautiful! Here we don't use to do scrapbooks, we just have photo albums. But I found the ideas very nice to do letters and box decoration! I love that male card and the exploding box! I already did mine here! =9
Hugs and kisses!