Friday, January 18, 2008

Backing up...

When did you last back up your photos? Have a little think. Could it be a good time to take a few minutes and do it *NOW* perhaps? I'm only saying this because I know how horrible it is to lose photos and it's so easy to forget to back them up regularly. Tomorrow might be too late.

The reason I'm saying this is because I'm sitting here backing up everything I have on my, documents and everything else. My harddrive still has some faults on it since the computer crash I had before Christmas, so we will replace it later today and then I have the fun and joy (not!) of installing everything on it again over the weekend which will take ages. But as long as everything goes to plan, I should be able to update my blog some time tomorrow as usual. :)

Before I'm going back to backing up even more files, I'm just going to post another layout for you here:

Supplies: Scenic Route papers, arrows and journaling block plus some Autumn Leaves stamps, buttons etc.

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