Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Letter To Santa...

Whether you celebrate Christmas on the 24th (like we do) or the 25th, I hope you had a really, really great day! :) I know we certainly did. :)

I was talking about my envelope maker board the other day and for the next day of my Christmas journal (the 19th) it was used again. This time you were asked to write a letter to Santa. So I did. But I think a letter to Santa should be something secret. So yet again I made an envelope with my board and I let the envelope be the acual page in my journal. :)

Paper for the envelope is by Rhonna Farrer. Stickers are by Scenic Route and 7 Gypsies and the chipboard is by Scenic Route too.

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Anonymous said...

Many. many thanks for sharing your inspirations with us during the year. It has been a delight to see your work - please carry on next year won't you?
I hope your visit to A&E was not too serious - I spent Christmas Eve there myself with a poorly husband! Great timing huh? Anyway,have a happy and healthy new year, love Judy