Friday, November 23, 2007

My Christmas Journal is starting to take shape...

Basically from the start I knew I wanted to do a mixed size Christmas journal. Some full size pages, some half size pages, some envelopes and maybe some pages which just consisted of a photo. But that still didn't solve the size problem. I needed to figure out at what size I wanted my *largest* pages, to work out what size I needed to make my covers. So I sat down today with a pencil and paper and drew lots of different sizes. Result: I'm going with 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches). Though I doubt too many pages inside will actually be this size.

Then I made my covers from scratch. Each cover is made by using 4 sheets of cardstock glued back-to-back and then covered on the inside and outside. The front cover has this really pretty green paper with lots of glittery white swirls and blue stars. The back has a more plain (no glitter) green paper on it.

And the inside of both the front and back cover look like this. All papers are by Rhonna Farrer.

I have not decorated the front yet, but I think I want something fairly simple like a nice chipboard title in the bottom right corner or something. Also I will not bind my book until January when I know how thick it turns out. I'd like to bind it with my Bind-It-All....but frankly there's no chance the biggest wires would have bound my book from last year (and I didn't even scrap very bulky at all) so I don't dare pre-binding it! LOL! This way I can always use bookrings if needed :)


Carole said...

Anso, those papers are lovely and your album sounds really exciting with lots of different sizes. I am looking forward to seeing it taking shape.

Marja said...

Love how it's turning out! Must start my cover this weekend, I dreamed about it last night!