Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas cards...

Have you started making your Christmas cards yet? Or maybe you buy them? :) Last year we were super organised and they were done by the first week in November. This year...let's just say for every week that's passed I have felt more and more panic about it LOL!

I might not be feeling well at the moment but there's nothing wrong with my head - so lying down having a rest yesterday, rather than starring at the ceiling, I started to plan some ideas for our cards. I'm still thinking about some of the finer details, but I hope to get started on them very soon. Will of course show you pics here once they are done too :)

Supplies: Scenic Route papers and arrow, the chipboard stars are by Making Memories (I think!), Chipboard letters by Heidi Swapp and Queen & Co, stamps by Autumn Leaves and October Afternoon plus of course the obligatory (for me!) doodling, buttons and staples.

Oh and some questions/comments I have got:

Marja - you asked about the border around the photo on the layout I posted yesterday and if it was done freehand. Yes it was. I find my biggest problem when I mess up my doodling is that I start drawing thinking "I'm going to mess it up, I'm going to mess it up", I tense up and guess what happens? Yes you do mess it up! LOL! So my best tip is to think something like this before you start putting the pen to paper "It doesn't matter if it doesn't end up perfect...and if I make some big mistake I can always cover it with a chipboard flower (or whatever)" also be sure that your arm and hand are relaxed before you start - that way you get a nice flowing movement with your pen :)

Tessberrs - you wanted to know what my top three scrapping books are. Good question. Almost impossible to answer...but from what I can think of at this very minute when I type this: Elsie Flannigan "52 Scrapbook Challenges", Ali Edwards "Life Artist" and "Freestyle" by Autumn Leaves...though I have to say I also looooove "Doodling For Papercrafters" by Maelynn Cheung.

Judy - ...says I'm in big trouble for posting about my Scrap-Room kits making her go and subscribe too. Well...that can kinda happen can't it?! LOL! And hopefully you're not too seriously upset with me ;)


jennifer said...

Anso--really like this LO! Hope you are feeling a bit better.

grungedandy said...

I've been a bad reader not been well myself 9 weeks now back to the doctor for me and i missed your birthday too i'm sorry try do some belated table art at the weekend if i get any good drugs! hope you will be feeling better soon! I make my christms cards every year i make approx 100 and have made them for the last 17 years i even have a book that i keep a few of each design in to remind me what i've done! i'm half way through them at the moment. off to bed great layout as normal i think i will have to scrap lift a few ideas after xmas i really love your style! sorry to have missed your birthday hope you had a good one! seeya hugya *G*

Judy said...

Of course you're not really in trouble. I can't wait to get my first kit!
Hope you are feeling lots better