Friday, November 02, 2007

5 done out of 50...

Well the "stash diet" is going well so far. Haven't bought anything - but that was hardly a challenge since it's not even been 48 hours LOL!

I have done rather well with my scrapping though. I've just finished my 5th layout since this started. :) "Only" 45 to go....LOL! I managed 3 layouts yesterday and I have done 2 today. Though I don't really feel very creative today so I doubt there will be any more done this afternoon.

I have also set myself a little challenge on top of the "stash diet" and that is go use up some of my already half-used Scrap-Room kits. So far I'm making good progress and have already finished 3 kits :)

Wishing you all a great weekend...!!


jennifer said...

Way to go Anso! I love this diet idea. Keep it up--can't wait to see what you come up with!


Marja said...

You put me to shame, I've done 1 page so far. I've started cleaning up my room though so I can see what all I own and make sure I use everything :)

Heather said...

Well I am a week without a spend and 4 LO's, 1 CJ and 4 ATC's into my diet, GO US ;)

grungedandy said...

Hi great idea, I’m also on a stash diet but I ordered up a whole bunch of stuff ages ago that still hasn’t turned up! So I’m trying to use my stash before the new stuff turns up! LoL. This is not a new idea but one I’m trying to do, as my friends all buy really nice hand made cards every year for everyone’s birthdays, and I’m always stuck as what to buy them for Xmas presents (these are of course the non crafty ones) I’m making them a bunch of quick and simple hand made cards with all my scraps, so they can have hand made cards ready to send when ever they need (I don’t sell my stuff so if you do this could really reduce your income) anyway just an idea to do 2 jobs at the same time! So instead of putting away your scraps after a layout make a card or two.

Loving the layouts so far – can you do mini books towards the 50 or is that cheating?
Do mini book layouts count as 1 or 2 hey you could have a layout counting system better copy write that hehe

Seeya hugya