Sunday, October 07, 2007

More class pages to show...

So have you been doing any scrapping over the weekend? I haven't. Though I have been practicing my doodling. I just noticed that I had an e-mail from BPS regarding today's doodling class assignment. We're supposed to look at a certain layout in the book and scraplift it. I just reached for my book as I was waiting for Blogger to load and I have to say it's a nice layout to scraplift. Quite "clean and simple" but a nice look and lots of room to put your own touch on it. Depending on what we end up doing today I might start on it this afternoon...otherwise it will be tomorrow I hope.

And some more of my pages from the on-line classes by Shimelle:

In the top one you can see a pic of where I'm sitting right now. My scrapping room. My TINY scrapping room. The photo is taken standing OUTSIDE the room - and no there's no zooming going on or anything LOL! The desk takes up almost all the space and it's only a very small desk (which I'm sure you can work out if you look at the relation to the keyboard etc). I have no spare space to "pile things up" as I scrap (because I need to keep that space free for the actual layout that I'm working on!!) - so I have to keep my desk very clean. Still I love it and I'm very happy that I actually *have* a scraproom :)


Cynthia said...

Anso, you space looks really BIG online and no we can not tell it is as tiny as you tell us *hehe* and of course your space would be so neat! :) do you use a Mac or PC?

margaretforster said...

where are the supplies in your shelves in the page you scrapped in June??? . . . . . all your supplies have to go somewhere. . . . I know my scraproom gets smaller & smaller with all I pile into it !!!