Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello there...

Tissues to the right. Cough medicine to the left. Colds = bleugh! Yuck!! I feel my brain is so filled with cold that there's no space for any creativity. So I'm just going to accept that I'm not doing any scrapping today. Instead I attacked the daily assignment from the doodling class. Today was to make a card. Any card. The point was to doodle the title using certain techniques that we learnt yesterday. Either a "thank you", "hello" or "thinking of you" title.

It's not the best card I have ever done (I blame the cold! LOL!) but the whole point was to focus on making the title. So that's what I did. Handwritten titles scare me!!!!! :) I can honestly say I don't think I have *ever* made a card with a handwritten title on before. Aaaaah! LOL! But I did it. And you know what? I kinda like it. The little flower that I added as an after thought is really growing on me. I think I will keep this card as a reminder that, with a little more practice, maybe I should be brave and try to doodle some more titles in the future. It's all about getting out of your comfort zone, right? That's why I posted a pic of my hated page in my doodling journal yesterday. LOL!

And more questions in the comments section to reply to:

Tyra - No sorry, I have not heard of the product you mentioned. But I did a little search for it and it looks cool.

Marije - you asked about the pens I use for my doodling. Not sure if you mean black or colours. For the black pens I either use Sakura Micron or Zig Millennium (love both and in my opinion they are very similar). As for the coloured ones I use a lot of different ones. Love the Sakura Stardust ones! Sakura Souffle are great too. And I have recently re-discovered my old Marvy Le Plume pens and even ordered a few more sets. Great colours!! Hope that helps and that you enjoy your doodling book just as much as I do.

Avrilann - I get my Magnolia stamps straight from the company in Sweden. Their customer service leaves a little to be desired (!) I'm afraid. Basically the rule is to *avoid* paying by PayPal (=use a credit card) and be patient. Having said that, my orders have only taken about a week or a little over. Good luck.

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grungedandy said...

opps sorry some how i've managed to pass my yukky cold on to you too! LoL cute kitty card seeya hugya hope ya fellin better soon *G*