Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Busy doodling...

Well I was hoping I would be able to show you my finished doodle practice book....but no ---> it's not ready yet. I have made a thick book from scratch using my Bind-It-All. "From scratch" to the point of even gluing cardstock back-to-back to make my covers etc. I'm using the 1 1/4 wires for my Bind-It-All, but I bought a bit too thick cardstock for the pages - by mistake - so I could only punch a few at a time. This made it take a lot longer than I'd first thought to make the actual book.

And then the doodling...I have just finished that. But the colouring in is certainly going to take some time. So all I can say is...please come back tomorrow if you have a spare minute and I hopefully have my finished book to show you - complete with coloured-in doodles on the cover :)

*reaches for coloured pens*


Cynthia said...

Ok! I will be back to check out your sweet little doodling.

margaretforster said...

of course we will be back -- what a tease !!!