Sunday, September 09, 2007

More pages...

Right time to share some more pages from the book I'm doing for Shimelle's class. These are the next two sets of pages. For the 5th and 6th of this month. And before you think there's something wrong with the image on the 5th - there's not. Neither is there anything wrong with your monitor. Yes I know it displays a big pink square across the page and that is very much on purpose. The photo features a shot of a Design Team project which I made the other day - so I'm afraid for now I can not show you that one. So sorry for the big pink square. Hey, at least it's better than a big brown square, right? ;)

I'm feeling really good about this class and it's nice to stay on top of it. Well, now I'm kinda lying actually. I have not done yesterday's page yet. And it probably won't be done until tomorrow if I'm being really honest LOL! But I do have the photo taken and I know what to write about so that means I'm more than halfway there. :)

And there has been questions for me again:

Cynthia - Yes I have heard of Darin but since I don't live in Sweden now I'm not too familiar with him either. Hope that makes sense :)

Susanne - Så jättekul att du kunde förbeställa en Bind-It-All!! Skall visa fler bilder när jag har gjort fler böcker. Håller på med en med bara kort just nu. (For those who are a bit confused about what I have just written I have just replied to Susanne who asked about the Bind-It-All the other day - in Swedish)

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