Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm totally worn out and exhausted, my head feels like mush. I have been working on my monthly class for ATDML all day. I'm not doing a layout class this time. I'm doing something else instead. Can't say more at the moment. It's a nice little project though.

Having spent several days trying to work out how to show certain parts of the projects in photos...and then worked on it this morning (it's not even finished yet), I ended up with 150 photos to edit! Yep you read that right...

Of course a lot of the photos are duplicates (in case I'd get out-of-focus ones) but there are still a LOT of step-by-step photos to edit and sort. This took far longer than I could have imagined, so I'm having to continue after the weekned, but I'm thinking I might end up with about 40 step-by-step photos in the end. Of course making the project (for any of you) does not take that long time at all...but it does when you have to stop and take photos after every step LOL!

Anyway, as I'm sitting there editing photos guess what turns up? This month's Scrap-Room kit!! Yummy!! I totally love this 4-in-1 kit!! Best kit I have ever subscribed to. In fact if you haven't tried it, you should head over there for a look right now. :) And if you sign up, tell Tammy that I sent you LOL! She'll be very happy :)


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