Friday, September 28, 2007

Customizing backgrounds...

Thumb is still blue...

I've been playing with my "Lola" and "Riley" stamps. I had this paper from the "Riley" collection by Elsie. Brown with blue dots in white circles. So I tried to make it a bit different by using some of my new stamps.

I stamped some of the flowers onto a plain blue paper from the Riley collection. Then I used a small round punch to just punch out the centres of the flowers. These I glued in a few random places onto some of the blue dots on my background paper. Then I outlined them with two different pens. I really enjoyed doing this and the different look your paper got! The photo is of my mum & dad when we were on a day trip (from Sweden) to Denmark in the summer.


Anonymous said...

hello! i am glad that there is a very talented paper crafter like you. i am your no. 1 fan. i never failed to check on your blog almost everyday. i learn a lot from you. i also like all the eating stuffs you shared with us. the numbers of visitors who visited your blogs show that they too appreciate your work. keep up your good work! i hope you can come up with more tutorials too. thnx!

alistair said...

Good idea--really adds to the funky feel of the paper. Think I'll give it a try!


Soraya said...

Thanks for making tutorials that are easy to follow. English is not my first language, but I can always understand your instructions.

Thanks a ton,

grungedandy said...

Now that’s a great idea, I love the flow of the lines & dot’s!

seeya hugya thankya