Monday, September 03, 2007


Yay - I have been waiting for this since I ordered it late on Thursday evening! My very own Bind-It-All machine. I have thought about this for a while now on and off. Wanting it, then talking myself out of it...and then back to wanting it again LOL! But on Thursday a few friends talked me into going for it (I hope you take the responsibility for my purchase - you know who you are LOL!) And now it's here. It just arrived about 15 minutes ago so I haven't had time to have a play with it properly yet but only basically unpacked it and that's it.

I was very pleased to discover that the machine itself was not as big as I "feared". (I say "feared" as regular readers of my blog will know that my scraproom is absolutely tiny!!) So I think even I (with some thinking - I actually have NO space for it right now!) might find a place for it to live in here.

Right off to play...


grungedandy said...

Ooooo so jealous, I want one but can’t seem to buy it from any craft shops in London yet maybe it will be at the big stamping & scrapbooking show at end of September. Let me know how you find working with it!
Thanks you


Susanne said...

I´m very jealous too :)
May I ask where you bought it? (I´m from Sweden and suppose that it´s quite hard to find it here)

I also want to say that I love your blog and that your project are absolutely stunning!

humbug said...

loving your books you bound

i am umming and ahhing about this - you have almost convinced me lol