Saturday, August 18, 2007

These make me smile...

Went to IKEA today. I just loooove that place!! Especially the "Sweden Shop" at the end - it's so nice to be able to buy some Swedish food which I'm used to...not to mention reading all the Swedish names for the different furniture etc!! We went there to get a lamp and ended up coming out of there with lots you always do LOL! I just couldn't resist these cute and colourful postcard prints. I bought some (cheap!) frames for them and they are now sitting on the wall in my little scrapping room - makes me smile :)

Thanks to Gems for the info on Hobby Lobby - that sounds great - hopefully my order might be here pretty soon then.


grungedandy said...

these are so cute! if i had any wall space left, ho hum maybe a rejig is in order.
thanks for sharing


Paula said...

Made me smile too. :)