Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another one...

I have just made another one of those purchases. The "tool kind"...where it seems a lot of money "for nothing" (=more fun to buy pretty papers etc)...yet it will be sooooo worth it once you have it and you will use it lots. LOL! So what have I gone and ordered? One of these:

...a Bejeweler! I'm not sure if you have noticed but lately I'm using loads of jewels on my layouts...at least on every second one I would say. And this Bejeweler has been tempting me on and off for months. Basically it melts the glue on the back of the jewels and it makes them a lot easier for you to attach rather than fiddling with glue and tweezers. It's now been ordered this afternoon and I really can't wait for it to arrive!

And regarding some of your comments:

Sarah - thanks for the tip about the photo printing. I got mine delivered from Photobox this morning.

Jean - If you see this, I got an e-mail notification of you commenting on an old post and asking if "I have the recipe?". If you can let me know what recipe it was you were interested in I'll see if I can help :)

Right, back to some Design Team work that I'm doing. I'm working with some yummy Basic Grey at the moment...

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see bejeweling on your pages. I've been bejeweling my clothes, but never thought about scrapping. Is it photo safe? This is a big deal to me.