Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank you...

Now I'm going to say "thank you" to someone - only I don't know who you are! How funny doesn't that sound?! LOL! Anyway it seems that some people followed the link to Make The Moment Last when I posted my great news about being on their DT the other day. And one person from here ordered and put me as the person who referred them. Turns out, I have just found out, that I get a little voucher as a thank you for referring someone. So to that someone who did this - thank you, you know who you are :)

And talking about Make The Moment Last, they have some great stuff, don't they? :) I have been drooling over all the yummy new flowers by Prima...and those funky flower ribbon slides by Maya Road - just neeeeed some of those!! And the Maya Road ribbons!! And the Dream Street papers on special offer!! I can go on and on! LOL! Anyway if you head over there and can't resist their stuff, a quick little mention of "Anso" when you put the order through would be very much appreciated. *wink wink*

And talking about stash...guess what - it was indeed my Scrap-Room kit which arrived just after I made yesterday's post on here! So much yummy stuff again. I have to say that the pictures that I will put on here does not do the kit justice at all - it makes it look rather dull and boring but it's soooo much better in real life.


Embellishment add-on:

Stamp add-on:
Since we're mentioning Scrap-Room, I have actually been working on a layout this morning for a challenge on the forum over there. I have used some Pink Martini papers which I love, including some of their rub-ons...then lots of Autumn Leaves stamps. I just can't seem to get enough of my AL stamps at the moment. :)


Jen said...

fab layout!
just wondering roughly how much postage is for the scrap room kit??

cynthia said...

i see you got some nice little yummies in the post!

Eleanor said...

I wanted to see if your mouth was feeling any better today?
Was it an apicectomy you had? Or something similar? I am on W/L for this, top and bottom at the same time. EEK.
Love those eyelets up the lines on the Ross LO. Fab.

Emma_byford said...

Fab pages, its lovely I love the flowers, stands out beautifully on the white background

Emma x