Sunday, May 06, 2007


I finished my cute little heart yesterday after I got the filling from Hobbycraft. So now it's
stuffed, has got a large safetypin at the back and the sewing around the edge is finished. At the
moment it's living on my AMM tote. Because I picked a big safety pin it fits no problem at all around the plastic buckle at the top of the handle. Looks really cute too and the bird matches perfectly in the colour with the green of the tote too!! Sorry the photo is a bit poor. I forgot to take a photo earlier today when it was a little lighter so I had to use the flash just now which never makes for such a good photo really. Doesn't help that today has been totally grey and rainy either.

I have also got another quick layout done for the UKS cyber crop last week. This was a class by
Lianne. I called the layout "Why" because I have no idea why my sister grabbed and held up the little "no smoking" sign, from the table we were sitting at, just as I took the photo. That's what the journaling (which you probably can't read on here) is all about.

(Apologies for the strange formatting. Blogger is not being nice to me this evening. It's taken me an hour to be able to upload this)

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