Thursday, March 01, 2007

Extremely confused...

I'm sooo confused now. All along I thought the "My Word" class started on the 1st of March. Not sure why I thought this, but I did. For some reason I went to BPS yesterday and then I noticed in the sign-up details that it say the class runs from 4-Mar-07 to 12-Apr-07 (6 Weeks). Fine I thought...I'll have to wait another 4 days...I can cope (just about!)...

So I get up this morning (1st) and find e-mails about the "My Word" classroom being open... bla bla bla. So it DID start on the 1st after all, like I thought (wherever I got that information from???) even though the official site says the 4th. LOL! Weird!

Anyway, despite my cold I'm having a good day today and keeping my mood up even with a big pile of tissues next to me. LOL! Have got some good post today. The new issue of Creating Keepsakes and some wooden blocks which I will add photos to and put on the bookshelf. Got some free ribbons with the blocks too. Surprising how they happen to be green....LOL! Also yesterday I got my bargain pack of 64 (!) Chinese stamps from QVC. On a mission to try and find out what the text stamps mean now... So lots to play with.

Today is the 5th week of the Product Playground class and the new item for this week is ---> rub-ons. So layout has been made featuring rub-ons...using Junkitz papers etc.

And it really IS the first day of "My Word" class. I have listened to the 35 min long and very inspiring audio message and done my little exercises in my journal. That was so great!! I was already excited about this class and now I'm even more so!! It's going to be a great 6 weeks! If you haven't signed up to this journaling class, it's still there as I type this so I would recommend you to give this a go. Join me and have fun improving your journaling...let's face it, who doesn't need to do that...?

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