Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy day...

My magazine finally arrived!! I almost thought it was lost in the post. I really love Scrapbooks Etc!! I discovered it about a year ago and now I think it's gone past Creating Keepsakes (which I still get) as my favourite magazine. I just suddenly found one day, kinda to my surprise, that I marked (post-it notes at the top of the pages) more pages in an average Scrapbooks Etc than a Creating Keepsakes magazine.

To Pauline who recently commented on an older post: that sounds very interesting thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you. Really appreciate it!

Looks like we might be going to IKEA tonight - very excited! Love the shop and love it even more to go in the "Sweden food shop" at the end - feels like home! LOL!

Okay back to cutting out flowers for my latest layout idea...

1 comment:

Dale Anne said...

ME too on the magazine - tho I still LOVE Ali Edwards articles in CK!
What kind of flowers....paper or felt or ????